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Serving Tray

With the help of the serving tray, you can swiftly and beautifully set the table for your visitors while bringing multiple items from the kitchen at once. Modern serving trays are also quite colorful and attractive, so use them as ornamental stands for hot meals or beverages on the festive table. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the table, serving trays make it possible to prepare a meal at the desk without rushing back and forth. By executing their roles while presenting food, they offer a number of practical advantages.

Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray

Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray is a very important functional item usually used to carry plates for food and dishes to diners. This is the reason it is able to deal with relatively heavy weight, be completely flat and include a lip or ledge to keep the items in place. Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray has got a careful and standard construction. It is crafted with high-quality MDF and comes with a high-glass that gives a rustic feel. 

Paper Plane Design Wood Serving Tray

Paper Plane Design Wood Serving Tray is made inspired by art. It comes in multi-coloured art that is waterproof digital printing. The frame of the tray is acrylic with a wooden finish. These trays can be displayed as an art object at home that can be used to serve snacks, tea and coffee to the guests. Paper Plane Design Wood Serving Tray is a large rectangle tray that is good for bringing plates, cutlery and glasses to the dining area all at once and makes tidying up easier. 

Product details 






11 x 11 inch (L x W)




Powder Coating


600 g


3 mm




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